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V4 CustomMud Truck Pack


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File Name: Mud Truck Pack

File Submitter: MJFanatic

File Submitted: 12 Jun 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

This pack includes 3 Mud Trucks:

Aaron Lurie's Blue Bandit II

Mason Watts' Flashback

Devin Doss' Vertigo

It was easier to release it in a pack since these 3 truck all used similar parts.

Feel free to use any tires, rims, or other parts from this pack for your own truck!


Body From Blue Bandit and Flashback: DiggerFan

4 Links, Tie Rods, ect: Johan Seminario (Off of Mopar Magic)

Paints for the trucks are made by their owners

Tires: Matt

Rims: Johan (Edited by me)

Chassis: Kozak

Various Other Parts: V4 Pack Contributors

Thank you to everyone who helped with parts for these trucks!

The owners of these trucks have the right to have first pick at them in any mud truck related events.

Click here to download this file

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