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  1. View File Metlife Stadium Model 2020 THIS FILE ONLY WORKS IN BLENDER 2.79 Another stadium model for you all to make some amazing tracks in. Credit goes to @maxdmanfor the lighting structure above the stadium as well as some textures This model also uses some textures from @RockCrwlr I have included a collision mesh on the second layer of this blend file, here are some instructions on how collision meshes work. COLLISION MESH DETAILS: YOU WILL WANT TO USE A COLLISION MESH ON THIS STADIUM. I HAVE INCLUDED ONE IN THE 3RD LAYER
  2. 282 downloads

    Another track. This is jersey style, the monster jam one. You start on the turning obstacles. Big ups to my guys over at the sketchup warehouse. Good.
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    This is not an open custom, this is my big truck. This is obviously on the NAMT settings. Go into the graphics settings and check the "Render Video Cameras" box to get the backup camera to work. It's very helpful for those Dan Evans moves. That is all.
  4. I have it and it's fantastic. It's so cool to see all these high quality shows that I watched on TV over a decade ago. From what I've heard from everyone that has the membership, it's all positive. With the new content that they add based on polls and comments, the membership is honestly one of the best things that Monster Jam has ever done.
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    First week of NAMT, woo.
  6. Name: Aaron Lurie Truck: Monster Energy Pro 4 2020 Discord: Aaron Lurie#4836 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): wait Truck Song (Optional): Year Debuted (Driving): 2011 Body Type: Ford Raptor Trophy Truck Hometown (OPTIONAL): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Version 2.0


    On September 10, 2010, Sim-Monsters.com was born. Over the past decade, this website has played host to some of the largest events in virtual monster trucks. From the early days of All-Monsters Eve and Fall Madness, to leagues like MROR, SSRS, KOTH, and SMRA, to modern leagues like NAMT, TLG, GZT, and ROR-MTP, this community has been rich with competition and The Monster Blog Truck Fest is no different! For the first time since 2014, The Monster Blog Truck Fest will host one of the largest events in the history of Sim-Monsters. This event will feature a two day, two stage racing compet
  8. 768 downloads

    I am actually releasing another track. Unreal. Brand new Metlife Stadium model that I made a very long time ago with a track that I made a very long time ago. Big shout out to @RockCrwlr for the Path of Destruction wall banners and @maxdman for the stadium lighting structure that I took from his stadium model Have Fun.
  9. Version 3.0


    THIS TRACK WAS A COLLABORATION BETWEEN ME AND @Edy, WITHOUT HIM, THIS TRACK AND STADIUM WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. After a week of sending a blend file back and forth, Edy and I have finally finished our version of Ford Field. To christen the new model, we decided to recreate a classic show, Detroit 2009. Let is be known that this was truly a collaboration, both Edy and I have numerous hours of work in every part of this track, from the stadium to the obstacles. I hope you all enjoy this track that @Edy and I worked really hard on. Here is a more detailed list of contribution
  10. BIG project I've been working on with @Edy. Couldn't have done it without him.
  11. View File Camping World Stadium Model FILE 1 IS THE 2.79 VERSION FILE 2 IS THE 2.49 VERSION LAYER 1 OF THE BLEND FILE IS THE WORLD FINALS VERSION LAYER 2 IS THE REGULAR VERSION WITH FULL CROWD LAYER 3 IS THE COLLISION MESH I went through and made all the materials, so this model is ready to go if you are using 2.79. I also included a legacy version for 2.49 that should have all of the textures already applied. Credits: Stadium model and various textures - @AaronLurie Various textures- @RockCrwlr Various textures - @DannyMackey Various
  12. View File Raymond James Stadium Model FILE 1 IS THE 2.79 VERSION FILE 2 IS THE 2.49 VERSION FILE 3 IS THE COLLISION MESH I made this earlier this year and I finally got around to cleaning up the file and adding the materials, so I decided to share this with all of you and see the creative Tampa tracks you make with this. I went through and made all the materials, so this model is ready to go if you are using 2.79. I also included a legacy version for 2.49 that should have all of the textures already applied. Credits: Stadium model and various tex
    Really good stuff
  13. Tampa 2020 also has a timer.
  14. Name: Aaron Lurie Truck: Reserve Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Discord Name: Aaron Lurie#4836 Years in Competition: 9
  15. Full Name: Aaron LurieTruck (and variation if necessary): InstigatorHometown: Philadelphia, PADiscord Name: Aaron Lurie#4836Years in Competition: 9
  16. A couple work in progress tracks. Still need to add some banners and other details to Metlife Stadium and add the blobs to the turn cars And this is far from done, but I'm getting somewhere
  17. AaronLurie

    KOTH: Aztec

  18. Qualifying is now open! Send a message in the Sim-Monsters Special Events discord to qualify! https://discordapp.com/invite/zjrgKEc You will send a message in the #qualifying-requests channel. You will need a role to get access to the channel! Due to the massive influx of times being sent to the Rigs of Rods Race Page, we will require everyone to send a screenshot of their lap times to the person qualifying time. Either: - Press the ~ key to open the console or - Hover up to the in-game menu and go to Tools -> Show Console Screenshots are located in your Docum
  19. 807 downloads

    This is the track for the first event of the Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge Credit: @DannyMackey Stadium Model, Various Models, TestMobile Car Models @Double.D ッ Team banners @AaronLurie Track model and Paint Textures.com - Various textures Turbosquid - Picnic Table This track is only guaranteed to work on ROR Version 2020.01 and newer
  20. Two can play at that game. Yours looks great though.
  21. https://www.rigsofrods.org/download
  22. As it says in big red text, you need the latest version of ROR.
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