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A Little Late on This One...


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Hi Guys,

1 Year ago today, I joined this website called Sim-Monsters. I started downloading trucks & tracks, and then explored online competitions here. I then attempted to paint trucks, and I think Boy Scouts of America (First Replica & First Truck Up For Download) and Storm Tracker (First Custom) have turned out pretty good. Now, I'm know in some events for my rollovers, wrecks what ever you want to call them.


Now, Enough about my story, and more about me.


I'm Alex Steinhaus and I'm 14. I reside in Wisconsin, and am addicted to RoR. I am a Boy Scout for the past 4 years, and still going strong, as I am very close to reaching the rank of Eagle. I am an Instrumentalist (Sax, Piano Mainly) and Vocalist, and hope to go into a career in Education if Monster Jam doesn't hire me. I'm a graphic artist as you can see by some of the signatures floating around, and I am the Logo Designer for SM Leagues RoR:TN & RERS.


I think that's about it, so message me on AIM at alexsteinhaus@yahoo.com or Skype at alexs-monsterjam.


Keep on Monster Truckin!



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I was in Scouts awhile back. Made it all the way through Cubs, the little kiddie try thing that's supposed to introduce you to scounts, then went until I hit Second Class. After that I kinda lost intrest and decided to bail. Picked up a guitar though, so that's something.

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