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Regarding sounds.



So i have beaus sounds. I want to use the sounds with the v4 full breakable pack. I take the sounds, and copy and paste them into the normal truck file. When i click on the truck, the mouse pops up and it crashes. It also does that when i try to put the sounds in a breakable truck. Im trying the incenerator truck (only left hand and front engine truck besides max d) to work woth beaus sounds. Neither the normal nor breakbale work when i copy and paste the 98 zoomies sounds and reverse alarms.

Any ideas.

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First, make sure you have Beau's sounds in your V4 zip file. Then you have to open the .truck file and find this section,



98, GraveDiggerEngine
98, GraveDiggerStarter
Then replace the "Digger" sounds like this,
98, Zoomies
98, MonsterStarter
98, Monsterreverse
Then clear and regen your cache and you should be good to go.
Side note: All of the exhaust sounds will be typed in the same way as the "Zoomie". So if you wanted mufflers you'd type Mufflers instead of Zoomies, and so on. The Starter and Reverse sounds will stay as they are above. Hope this makes sense.
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