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[TRUCK] 2005 Power Forward


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Name: Power Forward
Body: 2002 Chevy S10
Chassis: Custom Race Sourse (same as wrecking crew and brutus)
Paint (images of color/graphics):



Other details:
2 Veteran flags in the back

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The top pictures in XMaxxDXx's post are the F-150. I'm not to sure on the bottom because the photo's pretty blurry, but I'd say it's some sort of Silverado.

Erm No. Chevy S-10 like Wrecking Crew/Old Avenger/New Detroit Radio Station Truck

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Now that I look at it a bit closer, that is ifact the same body as Wrecking Crew, so I would assume that that is an S-10. Mix up was my bad, not very knowledgeable on Chevy's as my family has never owned one in my time.


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