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Monster Truck Kills and Injures 12+


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 In the Netherlands this weekend, another tragic monster truck accident occurred, killing more than 2 and injuring more than 12 spectators. I'm not sure what's to come after last year's freak accident in Mexico and now this. Here's some footage I found from the internet. Watch at your own risk:




Note: As you can tell from the video, this event WAS NOT FELD ran.

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With What I'm Seeing, The Driver is either A) Driving the Truck for the First Time or B) Had bad intentions with the way he accelerated towards the crowd.

 or C)Idiots can't figure out a stupid RII works. THEY NEED TO IMPLEMENT THESE AT FOREIGN SHOWS. SOMEONE GET THE MTRA ON THIS! Seriously this makes you appreciate FELD for at least having them. It's also the reason innocent  spectators are getting injured and killed.

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Clearly this was a VERY low budget event. The Way Things were set up, They could not have possible afforded to use RII's.

I agree on the low budget stuff. Independently ran shows like this that happen in foreign countries are just BOUND to have something wrong happen. That's the sad realization of this. Last year's Mexico wreak really woke up a lot of people on the situation I'm sure. The only way to prevent out of control wrecks without RII's is probably going to have to dumpsters or some other form of protection. As they say, there's two sides to every story.

Another possible reason is that the driver might have realized the situation, and he got excited (not like happy excited but like like an I'm about to hit someone excited) and he accidentally gassed it instead of putting on the breaks.

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I mean, it's the old Extreme Overkill truck, so it most likely does,

Where in the the world did you find that out? Or are you one of those smart people who can name what truck is which based on chassis's? And I found another video for those of you that want to see it: 


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Well Cannon told me, but with the design of that chassis it's pretty obvious.



Ya you can REALLY tell the similarity. Notice how the shocks are so low and 'offset' I guess I could say. Do we have any idea who was driving? I know it obviously wasn't Marty what's-his-last-name. Eurol must be a lubricant.

I can say this: possibly wasn't his first time. Definitely wasn't the truck's first showing either:

Apparently the truck has also ran as:


Couple of things to note: 1) Has the Eurol logo. 2)HAs an American flag. 3)Notice the USHRA logo, so it was most likely ran in America, or USHRA just went to Europe. 4) Has a Thunder Nationals logo, which I know Vaters competed in. Could well be Vater's truck at the time, considering his relationship with Marty whats-his-last-name combined with the fact that it was Marty's truck for a time. I might just be making to complicated theories, too. I'm very sure that this is the same truck that caused the accident, because it has Extreme Overkill's chassis. Possibly not the same owner, but the Eurol logo does signify that it could well be the same truck, considering the truck's name is Eurol Lubricants. Also ran as Extreme Overkill.

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 Notice how the shocks are so low and 'offset' I guess I could say. 

That's because it uses a Swing Arm Design. It was built in 1992 to run the PENDA Series, which was all straight line drag racing. It was the only Swing Arm truck out there. Kirk Dabney owned it along with Marty Garza.

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