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  1. Check the release dates. @AaronLurie made the track for RoR and then ported it to Beam.NG afterward.
  2. I don't think these are terrible points at all. I know the site won't really be as popular as it used to be and many people don't and won't visit anymore. I know having more content creation would help but it is difficult to boost that across a site. I think Chris Hamilton's recent thread outlining what projects have and haven't been completed and what has been partially completed is a great idea to help spur on some new content creation and help others get into modding for the site. I'd also like to make more content sometimes but have lacked the time over the past few years. As far as leagues, I know the site gets more activity when there's leagues running, and I think there are some more coming up, so that should help. In the mean time I'm trying to find what might encourage current site members to be more active on the site until that happens or potentially start their own events even.
  3. Hello everyone! Sim-Monsters is entering into it's 9th year in operation next month and for what started as a very small group of people, it's been incredible seeing the growth the site has had, and seeing it still running today. I've been watching the forums lately and there's been an obvious drop-off in posting and discussion on the forum overall, which is fine, but I notice there's a lot of people who still visit the site regularly, and sometimes even daily who never post (such as myself) and I've been trying to think about what to do to get those users active again as well as give the newcomers more discussion when they make an account. I wanted to open up this topic to see what people thought on the matter and ask for any ideas people have as to how to spark more conversations on the forum that pertain to either the industry or the game. An Idea I had was to make weekly themed discussion topics to try to spark conversations up more frequently on topics such as "What are you expecting from the All-Star Challenge?" or "What was the most memorable show you've been to?" or "What got you started in Rigs of Rods?" In my mind these seem like they could interest both newcomers, as well as long-time members who still read the site but may not post much anymore, but if you disagree let me know what you think could help. Overall, I'm curious what people want to get out of Sim-Monsters, if they have any ideas on how we could breathe some life back into the forums, and if people really care about the forums or if they're really just here for the downloads at this point. Thank you!
  4. Its just a random post bot that joined the site and seems to post from other forums based on keywords, which is likely why this "Winter Heat" thread has a post related to heat in the winter. Here's the original post word for word. http://www.luxurycoachlifestyle.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3242 I haven't taken any action against it yet because to be honest I'm quite a bit entertained by how it posts, and tbh the site isn't as active as it once was, but if it's causing enough of a nuisance I can take care of the account and stop the posts
  5. Bigfoot Pride Display truck in Nashville this weekend.
  6. I think I should ban you for this.
  7. NavySonicShell

    Grad Pack

    Mega Freestyle Of Doom by NavySonicShell Well it's good to see that this site still has good taste. I'm gonna be honest and say I haven't played this game in over a year and I don't think I even have it installed, but with this much content being made for the new version I might try to get back into it.
  8. @Voth GANG GANG (It's an old photo but I don't have any new ones)
  9. Yikes that's an old name. Welcome back
  10. Not only is the the strangest bike rack I've ever seen, but why not just put it under the spoiler? Put it on the back window and slide it under back first until the handlebars hit, it won't go anywhere. Anyway, I still drive this. It's at like almost 187,000 miles and I live in the city now so it's impractical, gets 12 MPG, and fits in like 5% of the parking garages downtown.
  11. I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread. The moderation team has been taking the appropriate measures to deal with people breaking rules on the site lately and punishment is at their (our?) discretion based on the site rules rather than per request.
  12. Do you want this track to somehow be flooding while underwater? or would it be preferred to have the floor dry? Would this track have crush cars or boats? Would this track have dirt? Or wet sand?
  13. Well I'm completely unaware of any plans for V5, but for the most part I think most people here doesn't care so long as it's credited, same as on the site.
  14. If only there were some sort of tunnel the trucks could use to enter and exit the floor of the track as they pleased.
  15. Alright guys, I just removed over a dozen posts from another pointless argument. There's no point in this continuing to happen. I'm not going to be putting up with any of it. I don't want to see any more insulting posts about other members, I don't want to see any more arguing back and forth about this and that. If you have a problem with someone deal with it in PM's or somewhere else off the public threads. If someone throws insults at you just report it and the mod panel will deal with it as we see fit. I kept from giving warning points out today (even though 1 or 2 people involved deserved them) but if this starts up again they'll be issued to EVERYONE involved. Keep it on topic, and keep it spam free guys.
  16. Forgot about this thread so here's just some of what I've been doing.
  17. This SYP has really turned out to be something. I'm not quite sure what else to call it.
  18. I didn't realize Tharindu was running anything until I saw this. It's amazing.
  19. Boi I am in love with that NASA truck
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