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Building a Gaming PC


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So recently I've started building a Custom Gaming PC and here's what I've gotten so far.


My questions are

What do you guys suggest should I get for other parts including Motherboard, Video Card, So on. I know I have to get a Motherboard that can adapt with an LGA2011 socket. Thanks!
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Update on the specs..I had to start budgeting because Kroger cut back my hours drastically and in a few weeks I wont even be working there at all. But I do have enough money to complete this. Here are the specs I have so far and what I'm gonna accomplish.


(What I have)

Case: Antec Three Hundred Illusion Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Power Supply:  SeaSonic X Series X-850 (SS-850KM3 Active PFC F3) 850W ATX12V

Motherboard: EVGA 132-SE-E775-RX LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

Processor:  Intel Core i7-4820K Ivy Bridge-E Quad-Core 3.7GHz (Turbo 3.9GHz) LGA 2011 130W Desktop Processor 

Graphics Card: PowerColor AX6970 2GBD5-2DHE Radeon HD 6970 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 CrossFireX Support 


(The rest to come soon)

16 GB DDR3 1866 Mhz RAM


ASUS Xonar DGX 5.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Express x1 Interface Gaming Audio Card
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in all fairness a game like ROR is very CPU heavy, so it will benefit in this game. the 6970 is a little dated at this point so the newer releases will struggle to get the higher end. If you still have a return window and want to go amd, you may want to seriously consider getting a r9 270 model due to it being a GCN card and allowing mantel to run. This is technology that benefits AMD cards. Not a huge price leap either.

One good thing about a graphics card is that there are always people who will buy them used, you should be able to list it on ebay and recoup a good amount back when you decide to upgrade.

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Like I said needed to start Budgeting. I'm not looking for Max settings I just want to run good games. I know its not that great and when I move and get a new job my goal is to eventually get a TitanZ or Titan Black. Then I'm gonna make another build with a rather low budget for back up and I'm gonna put the 6790 in it. Also I didn't intend on getting a CPU More than the GPU that was just the crap luck on not having anymore money coming in


Also I can't use Ebay cuz I got screwed over which lead to my PayPal account going in the negatives (long story)

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