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What's your hometrack?


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Suprised no one else started this thread. Anyways, what is your local home track? Mine is Columbus Motor Speedway, here are some photo's and videos I have taken from a few races I've been to here







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Mason-Dixon Dragway in Boonsboro, MD always has drag races every weekend. Fun place to go to.




And this one is too obvious......



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it goes as follows if i am correct (keep in mind i work primarily on sk lights) tour modified has race engine with 4 barrel carb, sk modified has race engine with 2 barrel carb, sportsman light has truck motor with 4 barrel carb, and finally sk light has truck motor with 2 barrel

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Growing up in New York, Watkins Glen came on my Birthday a lot. Loved watching Earnhardt Sr. and Rusty Wallace on turn 1! This clip was classic too :-) 



In Phoenix I drive less than an hour to 5 tracks :-) Bonderant West, Wild Horse Pass East and Main, Arizona Motorsport Park (hidden gem that needs to be known), and Phoenix International Raceway (which I raced once before they closed the road course). 


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