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It's me again.. With again, no clue as to what I'm doing.



So since 2011 I've wanted to make a custom truck for myself. Trouble is, I don't know what I'm doing.


Basically it'll be a Dodge Ram on a Meents chassis.


So, how do I swap bodies, make the skin, and clone the truck so it's separate from a Meents truck?

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To do this, you will need Blender. There is no way you can fit a Dodge body on a Meents Willman chassis without it looking idiotic. The chassis will need some fairly extensive cab reworking to get it to fit right. The body will probably need to be resized length wise to sit correctly on the truck. After the body modifications and everything are done, then you could start painting. Once the paint is done, you would apply it, then export the truck, and place it in a new truck file (copy of the MaxD.truck with the mesh names changed and everything) and there wouldn't be a chance of it conflicting with anything else.

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