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Hello all,

I'm new here. My name is Barry and i recently downloaded the V4 pack which i'm running on 0.38.67. I love this pack, there's so much to explore. Thanks for your work here.

However, i have a question. Is it normal for the monster trucks to only have front wheel steering? Is it possible to get four wheel steering in this pack?

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f1 and f2 are rear stear


and Welcome!

Thanks for your reply Rockgod. But how do i get four wheel steering at the same time? I think i can set it up in the keymap controls, but then all my other vehicles have four wheel steering too. For example, i mean the four wheel steering as in the "old" Box5GraveDigger pack.

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Real monstertrucks do have four wheel steering right? Or am i wrong? I am new here, so i have no clue to change hydro lines. Perhaps somebody can explain it to me?


Another question, how do i lower the sensitivity of the steering going back to neutral? I have set up my gamepad but the slightest touch makes the truck almost uncontrollable. It's not possible to do a little correction. Any thoughts?


I hope you can help me out.

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