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V4 CustomMonster Energy Pro 4 2015


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File Name: Monster Energy Pro 4 2015

File Submitter: MJFanatic

File Submitted: 17 Nov 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

This is the updated version of my truck for leagues happening from the end of 2014 through 2015. This truck features a new paint as well as update parts and chassis components.


Body: Codemasters

Chassis: Kozak

Parts: Klayton, Johan, Donnelly, Zach Steele, Matt Wilkinson, V4 Pack Makers

Paint: Devin Doss

Suspension Settings: Me

Horn: Devin Doss

Tires: Klayton (Added White Lettering: Me)

Rims: Johan

Sorry if I forgot anybody.

Also, I reserve the right to use this truck in leagues as this is my personal custom truck, and my only.

Make sure to redownload the newer version and copy and replace it into your pack as a few things changed in the truck file.

Click here to download this file

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