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V4 CustomDeja Vu 2015

Double.D ッ

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File Name: Deja Vu 2015

File Submitter: Double.D

File Submitted: 19 Nov 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Welp. I've done two 80's paints and a current time-y paint, so why not hit a PENDA style 90's paint and body. This is mine to use whenever I want in leagues and any other type of event. Includes both regular and bodyless versions.

Yes the horn works.


Paint stuff- Me

Body- Andrew Sheets

Chassis- Mark Colineri

Axles- Matt Wilkinson

Fuel Cell, Rims, and Shocks- Johan Seminario

Tires- Klayton Halog

Train horn model- Zach Steele

Truck sounds- Beau Smith

Beta testers- Mason Watts, Julio Vellon Jr., Danny Mackey


Click here to download this file

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