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So I made a video last year called World Finals Best moments, and I took the camera angles and audio from the real life broadcast and put it to RoR gameplay. I want to do the same but with Monster Trucks/ Monster Jam in general, not just world finals. I have a small list but need more moments. Moments that stand out in memory like "wow, remember Bulldozers lawndart!? That was crazy" stuff like that. Perferably trucks/tracks that have been made in RoR already. Give me some ideas, want to start making this thing next week. Thanks guys!

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I think any moment would be cool to replicate in RoR. However I would like to see Coty getting his Monster Energy stuck in the bus from Georgia or maybe his save from Arnhem this year if that track is ever made/released. Like what xunlex has done. You should have no trouble finding footage with so many fan videos on the internet. I'd pick a moment that multiple people have filmed. Different angles/perspectives will give you more of a chance to find clips without that occasional annoying camera guy or nearby fan screaming for their favorite truck.

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