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Long Time, No See


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Howdy hey!  Been a few months since I've posted, but I thought I'd just drop by and say hello.  Got really caught up with school work and what not as of recent, that and, I've kind of fallen out of the whole monster truck thing but, who knows; maybe I'll get a little more active on here.  As of late, my computer decided that being a computer was too hard and decided that becoming a brick was mach easier, so there's that.  Finally got 'er back up and running for the most part.  Just had RoR up for the first time in about three months, and it locked up, so that'll take some fine tuning with settings to work out. 


Doesn't look like I missed a whole lot; kinda bummed I missed out on Fall Madness but, hey.  I'm back!  Rejoice!

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