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ogre importer blender 2.65



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back to 2.49 i finally got ogre importer and exporter into blender. now, i get a script error. whats the issue? I click on ogre import(i have drug rambowilman.mesh through the xml converter and put it on the desktop) and it says error. how to fix?

import error: no module named glob

Been searching around ogre wiki and python but i cant find a thing.

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alright this is irritating me.

step by step on what i did.


1. uninstalled everything to do with blender(i think)

2. went to python(downloaded 2.6 for like the 10th time

3. downloaded it and put it in winrar

4. installed blender 2.49b

5. extracted blendarh.zip to blender folder

6. put python 2.6 into .blend folder

7. extracted it there

8. opened blender

9. went to import ogre

10. become irritated at yet anoither check script error


now when i drag a mesh through the converter, a text document pops out, nothing else.


tutorial needs to be made for setting up blender. i tried to append or link a chassis, click objet. load library and nothing happens

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