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five nights at freddys custom truck pack


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iv had the idea for a while of a pack of trucks that represented the charecters from both five nights at freddys games


some specifics: chica truck should incorporate her cupcake in some way. freddy should have his tophat and microphone. foxy should have the hook hand

id like to see them on different bodies

 ill have someone post pics to this thread cause I cant do it sorry if my request is to specific

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ik about the guide but im trying to get someone to help me with reference pics so please be patient


Ummm. That's a great way to have someone want to make a truck for you when you say something like that. Granted I made that mistake once before about how to request and I don't exactly know if that comment would offend Truck makers or make them not want to attempt to make it but that just was kinda rude.

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