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(tracks)Foxboro 2014


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File Name: Foxboro 2014

File Submitter: MJFanatic

File Submitted: 24 Jan 2015

File Category: Tracks

Here it is, Foxboro 2014 from the Path of Destruction Tour. Please note that there is a shading error on top of the dirt hill, I couldn't figure out how to fix it, but it doesn't really matter. Jersey style racing with the inflatables and a fun freestyle course.


Google Warehouse: Stadium
Klayton: Textures, Cars, Car Textures, Advertisements, Container texture
Danny: Vans (Textures from MTM2)
John Dough: Inflatables
Me: Track model, Paint and inflatables textures.
Gabe: Scoreboard texture

High quality and FPS versions

Click here to download this file

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