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V4 CustomTip'D

John Dough

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File Name: Tip'D

File Submitter: John Dough

File Submitted: 29 Jan 2015

File Category: V4 Customs

Hello m'ladies and gentlemen of Sim-Monsters! Allow me to introduce you my newest and classiest ride: Tip'D! This state of the art truck is a creation powered by the most knowledgable (and yes, euphoric ;)) minds on the internet (you should come meet with us on reddit.com some time!). This truck will no doubt be an instant attention-grabber of any fair m'lady to come across this website, so I will be driving it in all leagues unless I give permission to someone else.

Credit and Utmost debt goes to:

Chassis: M'Kozak

Escalade Body: M'RockCrwlr

Additional Body Props (especially the fedora!): Yours truly ;)

Additional Chassis and Body Props: M'Staff M'embers of the v4 and v5 packs.

Paint: Yours truly ;)

Sounds: M'Beau4x4

Tires: Yours truly (ladies DM me on this site if you're interested in more than just tires ;);))

Quote: Myself (I'm not a professional quote-maker or anything but I personally think its a good quote :D)

This is John Dough, genius, woo'er of m'ladies, and expert truck maker, signing off. See you on the track!

Click here to download this file

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