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Shading problems are back



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Are you sure the shading lines in the material file are correct? I remember Crazy telling me there is a numerical limit to items in the managed material line (in the truck file). Either that or you have a conflicting spec map somewhere.


Don't relly use managed materials a lot but not i know. And no conflicts between specs over here


By the looks of it, Change the time of day. Around 18:00:00 it should changeto what it should be.. Another reason to move to a newer version of ror with which is non existent.


Yeah it kind of fixed with that chage of time, but my question is, how can i make it look like that IN ALL THE TIMES? and most importantly, why does this happend and can be fixed?

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You cant fix it. Its a bug in .37. Only way to fix it is switch to a newer version.

Sorry to go off track, but I agree with Rock 100% on switching to newer versions. I've been using 39.5 since the thread was started on here and I cringe when I use .37. 39.5 is amazing and better in every way! (Well ... maybe except for online as problems were reported.) It doesn't take much time to install and transfer/copy your files, and you can still keep other versions.

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