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From the mastermind behind DiRTWerx Engineering, Texas' leading fabrication shop For all things Desert Racing, comes DiRTWerx Motorsports. A two truck team Consisting of Matt Demko and Fernando Martinez. After three years away from the sport to focus on life, a new family, and his desert racing career, Matt Demko returns to monster truck racing, and with him returns the highly talked about Bailout 3.0. Some thought the truck would never return, while others found humor in the mentioning of the name. But this truck is no joke. Packing a 572ci Keith Black hemi, 871 blower, and injected with methanol, Bailout terrorizes the quiet countrysides of Houston, Texas with in nearly 2000 horsepower. The truck is also sporting a new chassis, a huge improvement over the old worn out Patrick from Sim-Monsters season 2. A mid-engine, low CG chassis, Matt designed it for serious racing competition and extreme durability durning freestyle. bailout is expected to be a serious competitor, and even knock off a few of the season 1 veterans. With him, Matt brings along rookie Fernando Martinez. Hailing from Rialto, California, Fernando is a Texas transplant, and with him comes a new truck. Dumb Tough! Being Matt's co-driver of the DiRTWerx Engineering trophy truck, you can really see his off road racing heritage in His new truck, which sports a CRD chassis and a new 2014 Silverado Trophy truck body. Underneath, the same 572ci Keith Black that Bailout runs. With 2 IMTRS freestyle wins under his belt, Fern looks to be a rising star in SMRA. Expect big things from the Duo this season, and do not get out of your seats when either of these trucks are on the track.

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July 9,2015

Oh what a season it has been for us here at DiRTWerx Motorsports. The fabrication shop has stayed busy filling orders for the desert racing world and the Motorsports side of the operation saw some huge improvements this last season. Matt Demko shook the cobwebs off and showed the monster truck world he still has what it takes to compete with the best. While he didn't win an event, he ran his junk hard and was able to make it to the world finals, tying for second in freestyle along side his team mate Fernando Martinez, and a few others. It's obvious that freestyle is a strong point for Matt and he hopes to turn things around in racing next season.

We were highly impressed with rookie Fernando Martinez this season. Drive of Dumb Tough, that is exactly what this young gun is. Tough! Fern managed to take home a win this season in an obsticle course race which put this kid on the map as a serious contender. He even qualified into the world finals, which was no easy task. Expect big things from Fern next season, including a world title.

So what's to come from DiRTWerx Motorsports this off season? Well we are happy to announce that DiRTWerx Motorsports will be expanding via a merger with Can-Am Racing. Matt, who was inquiring about two open spots that Dan Agosh needed filled, was approached by Chadwick Deerfoot. After deliberating for a few days, the two were able to hammer out an agreement that would benefit both parties. Thus D&D DiRTWerx is born. Matt will be driving Bad Investment this season and Fern will continue to pilot Dumb Tough, but this begs the question, what will happen to Bailout? Well you will have to hang tight and look out for that update in the future.

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