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V4 CustomThe Drill Sergeant

Taurus Racer 13

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File Name: The Drill Sergeant

File Submitter: Taurus Racer 13

File Submitted: 26 Feb 2015

File Category: V4 Customs

Here is the drill Sergeant a project that I started but decided to let Awesome Kong 13 Take over to give it that extra edge

Please get permission from both Awesome Kong & I to use this truck in leagues thanks At ease men


Concept - Me

Paint - AwesomeKong 13

Construction & prop placement - AwesomeKong 13

GT Grant mods - Me

Tires - Clayton

Rims - AC/DC fan

The rest - V4 & V5 Crews and all other respected parts makers.

Click here to download this file

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Great truck/concept, but I'm having some issues. I put the truck in the 0.38 SM Pack, since I use 0.39.3, so I figured it would work. However, the windshield is completely white (like the managedmaterials aren't working) and the tires are invisible, but the rims are visible. Am I doing something wrong? 

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