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The Future of Rigs of Rods (New Stable Build)

Tom P.

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The new stable build is in the works and a test build has been released as a teaser. First stable build since 38.67! (3 years?) I downloaded it last night and like a lot of the new features. Note that it doesn't have all the new features (truck editor, etc). Just a preview of what we can expect. Awesome stuff.


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So there is only as of now one MJ track to use(The MJ madness on the ROR forums) and All the trucks work but so far most trucks the tires just mesh up and the truck is undriveable. The only trucks Ive been able to drive is Rock's SUD and GDTL(Which by the by some deformation/breakable physics work more like the real MJ trucks with tire breakage) I can't wait for this new version to be done, it works great thus far

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