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  I have thinking about gathering a good group of drivers. Not just any drivers really good drivers (no not the golf kind). But anyways i want a group of 6 drivers and I MEAN GOOD ONES!!!!! The Rigs Of Rods Metal Mulisha Association has been in the lookout for great drivers. If you want to be part of the RORMMA then sign up like this.




Trucks that i use:Metal Mulisha Son uva digger Gd the legend El tor loco (McDonald) and Max-d (Meents)




Notes and other details: The sign up form was an example or my sign up. Trucks that i use are all v4 this doesn't mean u have to but if their is a truck(s) that are not v4 please leave a link. All 6 drivers that sign up must have the Metal Mulisha v4 truck in the trucks that i use category or else it would not be RORMMA anymore!  And also if you sign up will we be practicing on Fridays at 6:00 pm ET. If you are not there then you will not be competing UNLESS your are 2 minutes late then you can still compete. At the beginning we will have a drivers meeting. Are practicing tracks are Atlanta 2014 East Rutherford 2014 Baltimore 2015 SFM and Monsters of ror world finals. [FINAL NOTE] this may seem very complicated but trust me its not. So if you sign up wich probably wont happen welcome to RORMMA! Happy Bashing!



                                                                            From the (Unrealistic Save Man) MetalMulisha17

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