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  1. E3

    By "big one" I mean the one that critics are most hyped for, or deem the best of E3, which is the case for IGN. Mario + Rabbids was a no doubter for Best Strategy, while same goes for Mario Odyssey in Best Platform. Speaking of Mario Odyssey, it lost the People's Choice to SPIDER-MAN...I am without words (Bad way).
  2. E3

    It's a relief to know that Super Mario Odyssey won't be a repeat of Sonic 06. Sonic Mania and Monster Hunter XX caught my attention, but critics say Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the "big one" out of all games showcased at E3.
  3. E3

    Hands down. You know you better be taking notes if a crossover as ridiculous as Mario x Rabbids was deemed one of the TEN BEST GAMES OF E3.
  4. E3

    I personally thought E3 was not too bad. Got some good trailers for games like Spider-Man, Sonic Forces/Mania, and South Park TFBO, but the biggest shocker... ...was that after a devastating 2016 for the company, Nintendo actually put Sony AND Microsoft to SHAME... ...BRAVO.
  5. Here's Meents's run with the save I mentioned; he may have just won Save of the Year.
  6. Welp, the time's come again folks. My annual review/rant post on MetLife Stadium: Party in the Pits: Was almost cancelled due to inclement weather before opening. Thankfully it held up for the entire time it was open, and for safety reasons, El Toro Loco was not hung on a crane this year. Overall good pit party despite threatening weather. Racing: First time I got to witness a Chicago style course in MetLife. I was amazed by how nobody crashed, although El Toro vs Crusader in Round 1 was crazy. Transmission problems for Mad Scientist threatened to send Lee O'Donnell packing after his Round 1 race, but he returned for 2 Wheel. Tom Meents ended up winning the bracket, and ended his interview by saying "The 11 time champion is back." Hell yeah! 2 Wheel Tricks: Adam was the first one out, and almost repeated Foxboro, this time wrecking. BJ Johnson was just about to win it when Todd LeDuc in Mutant blew it for him. Several competitors tried out the bicycle, and LeDuc almost rammed into a dumpster when he did it. Freestyle: For only a 14 truck field, everyone gave it hell. Matt Pagliarulo had huge air, as did Linsey Weenk, who ended up getting stuck in the dirt close to the backflip ramp. BJ Johnson had a great run, as did Bryce Kenny and Lee O'Donnell. The BIG highlights, however, came from Todd LeDuc and Tom Meents. LeDuc had massive air and an awesome save, while Meents also caught huge air, and pulled out a save that made me want to yell HAS THIS GUY GONE BERSERK!? (You'll see exactly why when you see what happened). With that epic run, Meents won Freestyle, but just missed the Overall win to Todd LeDuc and Mutant. Final Rating - 9.25/10 - Amazing show, but I would call it only equally as good as 2014. Next MetLife Stadium show is on April 21. EDIT: Looks like I goofed -- Meents took the Overall win by 1 point
  7. Goin' to MetLife Stadium on Saturday, and the weather's looking very questionable. Some sources say we're gonna get rain, while others say a white sky. I just hope that the latter is the one that's correct, or even better.
  8. Crazy new thing in Foxboro; every time a truck did a backflip, fireworks were set off, as shown here: Also, weirdest break ever:
  9. I extracted the files, but still no luck for me... Looks good, otherwise
  10. I see a Monster Energy logo...will they ever make up their minds already?! Either way, something tells me this truck is gonna end up like that international Verva truck from 2009; only runs for a few shows, and then just randomly disappears. And seeing as how Foxboro's lineup is already full, this truck will most likely show up in an encore.
  11. NGK Spark Plugs Vote Update 6/5/2017: Tom Meents's run in Goldberg from 2001 wins the Round 1 vote over his run in Team Meents from 2002, 54% to 44% Next Vote: Charlie Pauken - Monster Mutt - 2010 VS. Jim Koehler - Avenger - 2011; Pauken is winning so far 74% to 24%. Update 6/8/17: Charlie Pauken's run in Monster Mutt from 2010 wins Round 1 in a landslide over Jim Koehler's run in Avenger from 2011; 73% to 27% Next Vote: Tom Meents - Maximum Destruction - 2006 VS. Pablo Huffaker - Captain's Curse - 2007; Meents is winning so far 80% to 20%.
  12. Finally I can go rogue on this track
  13. Yeah looking back at the runs, Lupe definitely had the best run of the three.
  14. On the plus side of Monster Jam's evolution, at least truck bodies have improved. If you look back to 2007, very few trucks had 3D bodies. Batman, Predator, Prowler, Taz, El Toro Loco, and Bulldozer are some examples. Nowadays, almost every truck has a 3D body, making them look better and therefore making them more popular.
  15. My odds for MetLife: Racing Winner: Ryan Anderson - Son-Uva Digger - To quote Scott Douglass, this guy has been "10 feet tall and bulletproof" ever since he won his Racing championship. Unless if a fluke happens, I see him keeping it going. Freestyle Winner: Tom Meents - Max-D - This'll be my first time seeing him actually compete in person, and seeing as how just last year he held a streak of freestyle wins, I can't wait to see him through down and possibly win it. Donut Winner: Linsey Read - Wonder Woman - Her first show since last summer, and she did well in Scooby. Here's to hoping she does even better in her new ride, and possibly take home a Donut win if she doesn't make the bracket. EDIT REGARDING BANGOR: Buddy Young is driving Master of Disaster in Bangor, and Buddy Tompkins got an Overall win Saturday Evening (Indies FTW!).