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  1. East Rutherford 2016 was epic. My dad and I went and I got to see all 16 trucks competing, some in which I'd never seen before. We took pics with Bari Musawwir, Nicole Johnson, BJ Johnson, Todd LeDuc, Steve Sims, and Bryan Wright. Chuck Werner's sky wheelie gone wrong was great, and I witnessed my first ever backflips from El Diablo, THWF, and Metal Mulisha.
  2. I honestly don't think that would be a good idea because most, if not all the time, the World Finals lands right in the middle of Spring Break for thousands of fans. If it happened towards the end of the year, there is that possibility that a lot less people would show up.
  3. Things that I found surprising about this past weekend: Salinas - This may have been the best show of Rosalee Ramer's entire career. She won Wheelies and Donuts, and finished 2nd in Freestyle, finishing 3rd in Overall standings. With a lineup that includes Steven Sims, Pablo Huffaker, and Jimmy Creten, that's a major accomplishment. Speaking of Sims, he won Racing in his first show driving Mutant. Moline - On the first show of the weekend, Camden Murphy barely nudged out Bernard Lyght for an Overall win...without winning a single competition. Tip of the hat to him, because that is a very rare achievement. He took another Overall win in the next show, this time winning Racing, Donuts, and Freestyle. I honestly didn't find anything too surprising about Manchester. I guess you can bring up the fact that Bryce Kenny almost took two Overall wins, just missing both, But other than that, a lot of things were expected.
  4. Chad Tingler in Pirate's Curse...Alx Danielsson in Monster Mutt? This lineup is very confusing, but at the same time nice.
  5. Donkey Kong - Not because I'm biased, but because this was the truck that put Kreg Christensen and Lee O'Donnell on the map. Monster Mutt Junkyard Dog - What the heck happened to this truck? One year it's new, the next it's gone? Taz - Same reason as DK, but with Adam Anderson instead of the two mentioned. SOBE - Bonus points if you remember this truck. U.S. Air Force Afterburner - This is a truck that would rock the house at every show it appeared in. Would love to see that happen again. Superman - It ran in Saudi Arabia, and they got the rights to DC back, so why not?
  6. Zombie driver Ami Houde was in tears after taking her first ever Overall Event Championship in Uniondale this afternoon. Congrats to her Big Kahuna driver Shane England also took his first Overall of the season this afternoon in Tallahassee.
  7. MonsterJamFilms got all of his Monster Jam videos taken down, so because of that he is losing subscribers fast. MONSTER JAM LIVE (Yes, the name of it is in caps), a channel that uploaded various highlight videos from Monster Jam events, as well as Countdowns, got every single video on it taken down. Not only that, but that affected him down to the point where he decide to rename his channel to MONSTER TECH. What confuses me is how those two channels got hammered, but Pat Roy didn't.
  8. Santa Clara has me confused; With the removal of McGruff and the change of Monster Energy to Mutant, there are now 12 trucks in the lineup. Are they going to keep it that way or somehow make another last minute change?
  9. Even if we do end up losing our good friend soon, Ryan LaCosse is honestly really good. But yeah, I agree with you on that. Turns out Mutant is officially the new name for Monster Energy; Todd LeDuc has been added to all Path of Destruction lineups except for Nashville.
  10. Scott was just doing commentary for the World Finals 18 episodes on FS1. One in which, did not air yet as of the time I'm making this post. Seeing as how he's likely going to do commentary for the Path of Destruction shows this year, I don't see him retiring just yet.
  11. They also announced shows in Calgary and Dayton. Calgary Lineup: Grave Digger driven by Randy Brown, Northern Nightmare driven by Cam McQueen, Zombie driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Mutt Dalmatian driven by Cynthia Gauthier, Double Trouble driven by Tyler Groth, Trouble Maker driven by Travis Groth, Additional trucks/drivers to be announced, Trucks/drivers subject to change. Dayton Lineup: Additional trucks/drivers to be announced, Grave Digger driven by Pablo Huffaker, Monster Mutt driven by Kevin Crocker, Stinger driven by Zane Rettew, Master of Disaster driven by Paul Strong, Hooked driven by Bryan Wright, Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims, Trucks/drivers subject to change. With the former, I really like how Trouble Maker is coming back, and Linsey Weenk in Zombie again is nice, overall really good. As for the ladder...let's just say it's OK so far.
  12. A minor update was made to the Santa Clara lineup; Rod Wood will be making his Levi's Stadium debut in McGruff. 13 of the 14 trucks have been announced, and something tells me Mark Schroeder is going to grab that last spot.
  13. Very interesting news regarding Australia: Scott Liddycoat makes his grand return behind the wheel of Dragon. Grave Digger driver and Arena Tour 4 Champion Randy Brown will be driving Blue Thunder. Dragon driver Jon Zimmer will be driving Earth Shaker. Other competitors for Australia: Grave Digger - Adam Anderson Max-D - Neil Elliott El Toro Loco - Marc McDonald Monster Mutt Dalmatian - Candice Jolly Monster Energy -Todd LeDuc Megalodon - Alex Blackwell Additional trucks/drivers to be announced. To Skyliner849, Argentina's lineup has yet to be announced, and there is no news regarding Chile yet.
  14. They had more than 55,000 people last year out of a total of 82,500 seats. That is less than 30,000 seats open. Drivers who had experience in MetLife Stadium before, such as Candice Jolly, Todd LeDuc and Lee O'Donnell to name a few, even stated themselves that this has gotta be the biggest next to Vegas.
  15. I got the current lineup for Mexico City: Grave Digger - Driver TBD Max-D - Colton Eichelberger El Toro Loco - Mark List Scooby-Doo - Myranda Cozad Monster Mutt Dalmatian - Cynthia Gauthier Additional trucks/drivers TBA. Also, let me get my point straight here; MetLife Stadium is deemed the biggest Monster Jam event next to the World Finals. With such an honor, and seeing as how they've done it before, shouldn't they have a lineup larger than most other stadiums?