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  1. bigfoot4x4

    noob question

    So i have been playing RoR for some time now but I just got a new PC and downloaded .4 onto said PC and the stock maps work fine but i downloaded a few from here and they both show up white with no textures. I extracted both .zip files into the proper folders. Did i do something wrong? Should i have left it compressed? Thanks guys!
  2. bigfoot4x4

    Yellow textures.

    So I just got RoR .4 and i downloaded some trucks and a few of the trucks have yellow and black checkered textures. Is it a RoR issue or how would I go about fixing this? thanks!
  3. bigfoot4x4

    .4 texture issue

    So I downloaded a few maps, some off of here and some off RoR's website, the ones off the website are completely white, try clearing and regen cache and nothing. Also the WF16 map is the same way. Thanks in advance!
  4. bigfoot4x4

    New desktop heavy lag

    It is a desktop.
  5. bigfoot4x4

    New desktop heavy lag

    I downloaded .4 off here and I also downloaded V4 and i can select tracks fine but don't even have an option to select a vehicle.
  6. bigfoot4x4

    New desktop heavy lag

    AMD E1-7010 APU Processor AMD Radeon R2 graphics card. 4GB ram RoR .37.117
  7. bigfoot4x4

    New desktop heavy lag

    So I just recently got a new desktop and i downloaded RoR on it and when i drive any track say, El Paso 2012 (the FPS) version, it runs average 70FPS but once I'm off an obstacle in the air I experience heavy lag. I've tried the lowest settings. My PC has 4GB of RAM (upgrading soon got this yesterday) but would anyone happen to know what is happening? Thanks!
  8. bigfoot4x4

    .4XXX tracks have no textures

    I have downloaded a couple different tracks today and all of them just show up white. I have tried copy and pasting the .png files over from .37 with no luck. Any idea on what to do? Thanks guys!
  9. bigfoot4x4

    Winter projects!

    Anybody on here have any race car projects during the long winter months? Post em' up! I am just building a 1990 Nissan 240SX. No pics on my computer just yet lol
  10. bigfoot4x4

    Tacoma ROR-MM

  11. bigfoot4x4

    King Krunch Off-Road

  12. bigfoot4x4


  13. bigfoot4x4

    After I've chosen a truck, how do I pick another one in ROR 0.37?

    Can't unless you put a truck shop on the map.
  14. bigfoot4x4

    Ukraine and Russia.

    Don't know all the details YET but, sources are saying earlier today an airplane above ukriane was PURPOSLY shot down with a SAM (Surface to Air Missile) and my thought is that this could most likely be the start of WWIII... Bunot sure fully yet. Will try to keep this thread updated as I hear more.