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Well this is my first ever truck im uploading to the site. So hope you enjoy it a lot! ^_^

If theres any issues tell me i will fix them ;)


Skin, 3D fish at the front and spec -Me

Chassis, Body and other things- SM V4 Pack Makers

Edit: added a 3D fish with a spec in the front, also put Kane Stone Crusher chassis to it.

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I got to see his Debut Live, Now I can Relive it! Thanks, Coconut :).

Np enjoy it ;)

The body looks awesome, but it needs to be on Kane's Stone Crusher for it to be 100%

You talking about the chassis?

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Other then the Morgan Kane chassis error, Truck looks superb. I wouldn't worry about which pei it is on, there is not to big of a difference between the 2. It is a game after all right?

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