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  1. SUD (Public Beta)



    This should keep you guys satisfied for awhile. Also comes with the test version of Legend. This version is setup on the old n/b I used before making a new one. It is by no means complete. All meshes besides Legend's body and SUD's chassis were modeled by me and all paints done by me. WARNING: KNOWN ERRORS Running out of memory, leading to a crash of RoR (Most likely the High Quality version) Once in awhile you'll get a stiff rebound. This is caused by the limit strap node/beam. I cannot remove it without it messing up prop placements/settings This is a standalone file. It does not need to be extracted. Simply put in vehicles folder. **REQUIRES ROR 39.5 FOR PROPER HANDLING. 0.38 WORKS BUT WILL SCREW UP SETTINGS. HIGHLY MODIFIED NODE/BEAM, DO NOT USE IN LEAGUES** Mirror 1 - HD Mirror 2 - 1200 Mirror 3 - 2048 Credits: Nicholas Kozak - Chassis, help with SUD paint Andrew Sheets - Legend Body Me - Everything else Box5 - node beam (highly modified by me) Chadwick (DirtyDawg) - SUD reference photos John Dough - SUD reference photos
  2. RCD Stadium 2.0



    Happy Thanksgiving guys. I wish I could have released my recent projects earlier, but midterms were more important. This is a revamped version of my old RCD stadium from last year with better obstacles and an overall better track to play on. Hope you guys enjoy! Credits: Hot Shoe - Letting me edit his crowd texture Ethan Dean - Letting me use his racing idea he used for one of his old tracks *NOTE* - You may use any of my textures as long as credits are given.
  3. Yo

    Me and GAVUD HILL are still alive
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Why are you always reposting your content when someone creates the same truck?
  5. I've been making some crawlers lately. Here's a bronco truggy that i built from scratch. body came out great and looks great ingame. And here's a toyota that I'm making (front clip is Box5s)
  6. Driver, Truck, and Username Puns

    Are you dyslexic? You mean if jim jack got stuck on a van stack would you help jim jack off.
  7. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    Of course the one year i dont go heavy d and brodozer show up?
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    May i suggest you play around with blender? I see potential in your tracks and you would be much better off using it. @DannyMackey made a very nice tutorial about how to make a track
  9. Post your Rides.

    Not the lean. Thats the carolina look. As far as stance, yeah. I want mine to sit a little wider
  10. Post your Rides.

    Shes getting there
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    Welcome to the life of a track maker. Now you know why i quit @JUICY TOES no one is attacking you, they are just giving you crucial advice. Carry on.
  12. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    I told you it was all luck @obsessionracing
  13. World Finals 5



    So here is this track. I made this back when I first started making tracks and is about a year and a half old. Credit: Me and Liquidfire
  14. Music thread

    Stoked for Dangerkids' new album
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    Theyve been out for like 3 yrs. if youre referring to coilovers then youre wrong because i never made a new set for monster trucks.
  16. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    So in other words you didnt really do anything "show your projects" worthy? The basic noob can switch tires and rims. Please expand your abilities. Learn how to paint and bake bodies in blender. There are plenty tutorials out there that show you how.
  17. ScrapyardRC Shock Model

    File Name: RC Shock Model File Submitter: RockCrwlr File Submitted: 09 Aug 2014 File Category: Truck Building Items Here are the shock models I made for when we started doing V5. These are also the models that Johan and Mark used to make their models. You may or may not need to change the rotation of them. Add this to the managedmaterials line in the .truck file: shockbody mesh_standard Feldshockbody.png Feldshockbody-spec.png shockbody2 mesh_standard Feldshockbody2.png Feldshockbody2-spec.png shockshaft mesh_standard Feldshocks.png Feldshocks-spec.png Click here to download this file
  18. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Wrong flexbody nodes and wrong forset numbers
  19. Let's talk about: Upgrading

    use the number pad on your keyboard. number 7 lowers the FOV and ctrl 7 increases it
  20. Music thread

    Really digging this song. Sounds like a mix of From Ashes To New and Linkin Park
  21. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

    Just quickly chiming in to claim my credit for making that body. It was the second body I had ever attempted, so it isnt that great. Good luck with the project.
  22. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

    No hes doing it to raise his post count most likely, which gives you absolutely nothing in this community except a reputation of being annoying. @Garrett Hanson Dont post these in SYP anymore. This shows NOTHING but the slightest part of a truck.
  23. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

    Go ingame, go to where you want the spawn and hit H and then leave game, then go to logs and open the RoR log. Somewhere near the bottom should be the coordinates of where your character was ingame. Copy those coordinates and use them for the spawn point in the .terrn
  24. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    It is now ingame. For those of you who do not know, this is my real life rig
  25. Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    Needed a day to clear my mind. So I spent some time replicating my newer rig.