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  1. Music thread

  2. Let's talk

    This is probably the worst case of this that I have seen in my aloof 5 years in this community. It annoys me that certain people like you can't just learn from their mistakes and try to better themselves. Instead, they try to justify what they have done to not be the problem. People like that act like my 11-year-old brother who thinks that he can do what he wants and if he says he didn't do it (or says it was a joke), means it is all nice and dandy. No, that is not how it works, and not how it usually ends. And this post that I quoted and many other posts you make shows that YOU are as ignorant as an 11-year-old.
  3. Great to know it won't be leaving us just yet.
  4. That is sad to hear. I remember when I first found the site. It will be missed by many.
  5. Do we know why the services are being shut down?
  6. I just tried to visit the site, and it said, restoring backup ... sorry folks, stuff will be back in some hour. I don't know if it means if it will come back online or not. Hopefully, it will come back
  7. Show Your Ego Chapter 46

    All the projects that have been coming out of everyone are amazing!
  8. The Brick

  9. Sim- Monsters V4

  10. Hooked 2015

    Loving these trucks you've been releasing. Keep up the great work!
  11. Music thread

    From their newest album. Glad they're Back!