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  1. toaster

    Stunt Track

    the fazing though the fence is a little bit annoying.
  2. toaster

    help with adding v4 trucks

    alrighty, ive deleted v3 and v4 trucks work properly. the problem is that i cant figure out how to add more trucks. when i add them to my packs file and vehicles file they work until i try to spawn them in game. is it that i need to add the files into the v4 file? (p.s. ive tried to add them to my v4 for but it wont let me paste the files in? thanks.
  3. toaster


    oh man, two diesels!!!
  4. toaster

    A Moment To Remember

    hmmm, i think ill look and see if i can find one of these tracks.never raced rormj, but it looked pretty jagged with the tracks and all.
  5. toaster

    Custom Member Title

    roach, i just have to say this. your avatar kind of freaks me out.lol
  6. toaster


    it would be cool, for the first 5 minutes.then, BAM servers are all overloaded with spammers and noobs.
  7. toaster


    dibs on captain america, hahaha
  8. toaster


    travis, you need to stop getting drunk. anyway happy fake birthday!!
  9. toaster

    Sim- Monsters V4

    ya v4, love it!
  10. toaster

    CHAMPANGE sucks

    you got it wrong, ever clear is all i need.
  11. toaster

    What Truck Will You Try First?

    ice cream man.
  12. toaster


    cowboys all the way.
  13. toaster

    how do u get blender to work for windows hp

    well for starters, there is no such thing as windows hp, second, seach google for autocorrect.
  14. toaster

    Oh, my god..

    stupid devs, why you no fix bugs! oh well. p.s. if i dont come online later, my computer blew up.testing time!