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  1. GordonFanatic24

    Bob & Tom Show Q95 Truck

  2. GordonFanatic24

    V4 Leafer Pack#1

  3. GordonFanatic24

    NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    This was a car I made with a friend a while back. At first it was not gonna be much then we got deep into the design process and it is now my best work i've ver made, if anyone wants it it's available on SimRacingDesign http://simracingdesign.com/resources/49-dairy-queen-blizzard-orange-julius-chevorlet.264/
  4. GordonFanatic24

    Keep us in your thoughts...

    it's alright i understand, it was more of like an awarness and like you said keeping her in my thoughts, plus it's not like a huge rear bumper decal, like a small b-post decal, i usually put memorial stickers there like how I did Bianchi and Wheldon But like I said it's alright, if you don't want me to I totally understand and won't
  5. GordonFanatic24

    Keep us in your thoughts...

    ohhh... ummm... ok then
  6. GordonFanatic24

    Keep us in your thoughts...

    Awesome to hear she's doing good! Give her my best wishes and good luck with her future. Tonight I planned on making a car for NR2003, I'll add some sort of decal or text to the car!
  7. GordonFanatic24

    Open Challenge Coke Zero 400 (BR-Gen-6-Mod '15)

    The tutorial is based of there website yes, and it's kinda the same But you might actually not need LogMeIn if you already know your TCP/IP adress
  8. GordonFanatic24

    Open Challenge Coke Zero 400 (BR-Gen-6-Mod '15)

  9. GordonFanatic24

    Open Challenge Coke Zero 400 (BR-Gen-6-Mod '15)

    Track: Daytona_SDT_Night Steps To Joining Server: 1. Go to https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/download.aspx and download the unmanaged version 2. After installing Hamachi, open the application and create an account 3. Go to join an existing network, which is under the Network tab 4. Enter any of the following as Network ID: nascar2015, nascar2016, or nascar2017 (Leave the password blank) 5. Go into NR2003 multiplayer, join IP Address 6. Make sure that your TCP/IP node is the same as the number in your Hamachi window (Ex- 7. Click the green start button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen To be honest I bet you probably don't need LogMeIn, if you know and already have your TCP/IP address then just follow me on instagram (AllstateIndyCar) and my Twitch (GordonFanatic24) and wait for the go signal to join And please don't use customs
  10. GordonFanatic24

    The Rainbow is Back

    I love the scheme being a big Gordon fan, but I really don't like that that car isn't racing at Indianapolis. Instead I get the 3M car... I mean, he won the first Brickyard with that? So why wouldn't he end his last Brickyard with the scheme he started his first Brickyard with? Just don't make sense
  11. GordonFanatic24

    NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    Might as well update this to try and get this topic active again xD Here's a car I made a few months ago and recently updated, i'll leave a link to anyone who wants it http://simracingdesign.com/resources/12-take-it-back-toyota-custom.236/
  12. GordonFanatic24

    Nascar Allstate Pro Series Stream

    no on both, the series is currently halfway done so far so it's pointless and it's a truck series not Sprint in case you're wondering. And it's offline, so you pick a car and just hope. But next season we're changing to Indy Car so just wait and we'll be ready to race again! Website: http://wheldonrules.wix.com/naps
  13. GordonFanatic24

    Nascar Allstate Pro Series Stream

    Hey guys i run this series on twitch and tonight we're doing another stream, hope to see some of you guys there. http://www.twitch.tv/gordonfanatic24
  14. GordonFanatic24

    SSRS Announces Return to Racing This Year

    I can't wait for the season to start! I hope marching band doesn't conflict with me competing in the events this year!
  15. GordonFanatic24

    School Forcing Students To Carry Crate

    thank god i live in Center Grove, fu*k that $hit dumbest crap i've heard a school do