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  1. if you need the logo for that spider man stilll i found it online
  2. he used a gas monkey body and just added parts im making a whole body from scratch
  3. im surprised its taken this long lol
  4. nks1996

    Beam NG

    so now if the beam guys ask to use say the new ford bodies coming in v5 they can as long as permitted
  5. nks1996

    Beam NG

    So i'm curious, why is it ror guys are so against their stuff being used in beam as long as they permit it of course it just dosn't make sense that ror guys don't want they're work associated with beam
  6. so how long till the dodge body lol jk
  7. if you revamp the dodge bodies i have parts from the halls modeled as well as i can get any refference pics you need
  8. oh theres more than just those two coming there will be a fairly extensive pack with it
  9. currently in the works as i am also working on the rest of the hall bros trucks
  10. nicly done your tracks get better with each new one you make
  11. i have one done in blender if you want to texture it
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