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  1. The next 0.4 question

    The rear steer for all of my 0.4 trucks are unresponsive. They are mapped to F1 and F2 but neither work. And when trying to re map. Nothing happened.
  2. What Did You Get? REVIVAL

    I got a set of green led lights (rocklights) for my race car. a raceiver. And 30min gokart giftcard.
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Were did you get the text for the"identity" portion of the logo?
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    It is a straight up racing truck. It is kinda a digger spin off.
  5. After being on the dhort end of the stick aa far as being corrected i thought iight ad well make a post for the new members of the site. If i forget somthing or make a mistake go ahead and belittle me in the coments beging and asking for project release dates is frowned apon. do not go on the SYP thread and make comments unless you have a project that you have not shown on the SYP thread, have made large progress with, or finished or have constructive criticism or ideas for the makers. also if there are guidelines and rules for how to do somthing (requsts and event sign ups) follow them! They are put there to make the people who are making requsts and putting on events lives easier. and just be respectful. If there is anything i forgot. Put it | . v
  6. [Truck] Black Widow

    I am only bumping this cause i overhauled the request.(fixed the pictures)
  7. Link for 0.4.5

    Sure if all the stuff will work. sorry i hit quote twice.
  8. Whats the best tire...

    How much do you shave on th BKTs? Or do you even shave them at all?
  9. Link for 0.4.5

    The SM downloads page fo 0.4 says 0.4.5
  10. Link for 0.4.5

    Can i get a link to the best download for RoR 0.4.5
  11. making breakables

    Not to seem rude but if you don't have a answer then I don't know if you should comment.
  12. Whats the best tire...

    I think the only reason that BKTs are popular with the younger people (this includes me beacause when i made my first request i wanted BKTs) is because it is what monster jam advertises. And they didn't ever do that with any other brand. Before i started making requsts and looking into trucks i only knew of cery few tires that were used now i realised how trash BKTs are.
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

    When you quote make sure that your words aren't in there speach bubble.
  14. Whats the best tire...

    I have been on this site for less then a month and i have seen alot of hate for BKT and alot of people who seem to like them. What would you say is the best monster truck tire? I like Goodyears.
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

    Looks good but i think the decales should be a bit more visible.