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  1. tbh I doubt Tom and scott actually picked those drivers, Monster Jam probably made the decision
  2. 8k resolution model of bob not my picture btw
  3. the lightning stopped already, they probably want a even playing field and want the track to dry out a bit
  4. yup they just said a 30 minute hold jesus, amazing show but terrible location
  5. the last time I saw it it was muddy, they said track crews are going in after the rain has calmed down to move the mud out. this delay might be 40 minutes long eben though they said 10
  6. the track looks amazing! really love the colors, the setting is really amazing to look at rather then desert and mountains. The award ceremony was fun to watch and got me hyped, the press conference was the same thing. Since they uploaded qaulifying to their youtube channel do yall think Monster Jam will also upload racing and freestyle and other comps to youtube or stream them on monsterjam.com?
  7. Yeah well mostly everyone will do the same move, moonwalk, slap wheelie or stoppie. then the people who try to go for the bicycle into moonwalk will obviously win cough ryan anderson cough
  8. WHAAAT IS UUUP DRAAAMAA ALEERT NATION IM YOUR HOST KILLEEEER IjustWantCloutSoPlsUpvoteThisKThanks in todays news we have alot of news Monster Jam Houston terrible show....ok moving on Monster Jam San Diego (Btw idk if anyone noticed but last weekend Goldberg was in SD at the show) once again SD gets another great show. Grave Digger and Charlie Pauken won racing after Dragon just stopped. Cory won TWS. I dont even remember who won freestyle i think it was cole vanard in the black pearl. kevin king did something......not important though.....Jon did something too but we will skip that....the scoring was bad as always Monster JAM are...sike no one cares about them unless something happens this season feels like 2016 again
  9. nice prank bro.....oh wait your serious bro?
  10. I used to support the NRA but now they are just whining for attention lmao they getting triggered over cosmetics
  11. Kayla blood has been doing amazing in her tour
  12. yikes, this is the first time I heard about Gavin hill since 2016...didn't he die in a plane crash in WWII when he was dogfighting some nazis?
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