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  1. I tried multiple different things and the time never showed up.
  2. http://sim-monsters.com/profile/7732-jjrayx10/ Chris b said in the description that he is Not making a low quality version and that you would have too resize the textures yourself so its not fair too him that he your rated 4 stars on a map that is by far a 5 star map.
  3. pauken digger did its on his youtube channel PaukenDigger 27 1,102 subscribers•47 videos I am Chuckie (Charlie) Pauken III and I make ROR, Monster Jam videos.
    only 2 problems near the rear end the chassis sort of sticks out of the body and the 4 link bars
  4. still broken for me with the same error
  5. could you include Custom World Finals 2018 in your next pack since XWarrior215 version dosent work anymore.
  6. the download is not working for me 🙁
    I agree with NtheDiggerfan about it being decent for one of your first track but theres just too many problems for me too review 5 stars like the mini flip ramp has a black spot at the bottom and the dirt is different colors in some places. and just the mini flip ramp in general.
    10/10 needed more 2019 tracks
  7. here Avenger 2018 Pack it has the avenger your looking for
  8. Boss987


    could you request this using the correct format next time please [GUIDE] Requests
  9. this list makes no sense why is Jim koehler number 5 and why is Cynthia Gauthier number 4? I get Charlie Pauken and Todd LeDuc being high on the list but still Jim Koehler is the king of sky wheelies and if its a high jump competition wouldnt jim be at least number 2 or 3
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