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the avenger

Official Track list and date of events.

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Your 2016/17 Rigs Of Rods Fun Series schedule with dates of the events

Practice event :
Izod Center 2015 November 4th 2016

Event #1:
St Louid 1999 November 11th

Event #2
RCD Stadium2.0 November 18th

Event #3
Salinas 2015 November 25th

Event #4
West Lebanon December 2nd

Event #5
Mt Plesant December 9th

Event #6
Arnhem 13 December 16th

Event #7
Minny 2013 December 30th

Event #8
Mexico City January 6th 2017

Toronto 13 January 13th

Event #10 
Houston 14 January 20th

Event #11
Vancover 14 January 27th

Event #12 
Syracuse 15 February 3rd

World Finals
Track TBD February 10th

No events during Christmas week want every one to have time with family that week.

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52 minutes ago, the avenger said:

Bias... where did you hear that?


Not gonna point fingers, I don't wanna get any heat from anyone right now.

But the situation went like this:

Anonymous, let's call him that, said that he had a really good freestyle run with a bunch of good stunts, and he got a somewhat good score.

Then someone else comes out and has an "average" run, then he gets a better score and ultimately wins the event.

Anonymous speaks up and calls the judges "bias" or something, and he is kicked, banned, or something like that, from the league.

Not sure if this is entirely correct as I hadn't heard this recently- more like a few months ago or so.

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