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  1. Name: Marcelo MendozaTruck: Cooldown VLink: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3465-cooldown-5-2020/Discord: Marcelo Mendoza#0029
  2. 180 downloads

    After 2 years, Cooldown is back. Ctrl + 1/2 for RII Ctrl + 5 for Leds N for headlights Not an open custom. --UPDATE-- Added some missing .png files
  3. Something i've been working on for the past few weeks.
  4. Full Name: Marcelo Mendoza Truck: Air Force Afterburner 2006 Hometown: La Serena, Chile Discord Name: Marcelo Mendoza #0029 Years in Competition: 4
  5. Swegliner849

    Poison 2020


    Credits: Me - Paint, Blender, Body alterations Andrew/Fern - Fuel Cell/Radiator/Merlin/Headers Andrew - Body Kozak - Chassis Scott/Nathan - Tires Blaise - NB SM Not an open custom.
  6. 1,115 downloads

    Eh. Credits: Me - Truck building Chris Hamilton - Paint Kozak - Chassis Harlow - Body Blaise - Base truck Andrew & Fern - Fuel Cell, Rad & Fan, Merlin, etc. Garrett - Testing SM - Other stuff
  7. 820 downloads

    Not my best truck, kinda gave up on it half way through, still finished it, could have been better definetly. Credits: Me Chris Hamilton Kozak FernBurn Andrew Klayton Blaise SM 1/8
  8. 3,764 downloads

    Used to have a small obsession with Custom Grave Diggers, these are 5 packs that i made back in 2017 and i am releasing now because i need to free some disk space. The packs are: Custom 35th Anniversary Grave Digger Pack (11 Repainted trucks using Blaise's GD31 as a base) Custom 35th Anniversary Grave Digger Pack Breakable (11 Repainted trucks using Blaise's Breakable GD20 as a base) Grave Digger Red Pickup 2017 Update (Basically the one i made in July 2017 but with fixed missing textures and new props, also a few visual differences on the body mainly) Grave Digger Red Pickup 2017 RoRFS Season 5 Grave Digger The Legend World Finals 18 Encore Credits: Me Pablo Blaise Fern Andrew Kozak Klayton Harlow Many other people from SM Also, these are trucks made about 2 years ago so please don't compare these to my current projects.
  9. They are going to be released through the week
  10. 3,378 downloads

    Welp, the 3rd edition of my annual Avenger (or CRC) pack its done, had a lot of fun making this, this might be my best work so far. Tried to fix things from last year's pack (specially low quality paints) in this one, i have to admit that a pair of paints are not that "HQ" but they are "ok" i guess (Fire Megalodon and Avenger 2017 MTT). Huge thanks to P3forLife and Kyle for helping me out on this truck! Basically like any truck i make nowadays, this has working RII lights (use CTRL+ 1/2/3/4 to toggle them) and a functional reverse light that can be toggled by putting the truck in reverse gear. List of trucks: Avenger 2017 Monster Truck Throwdown Avenger 2018 (early in the MJ season) Avenger 2018 Indie (Koehler) Avenger 2019 Monster jam (First Quarter) Avenger 2019 Indie (Koehler) Avenger 2019 Indie (Rummell) Fire Megalodon (Rummell) Rage 2019 Avenger World Finals 20 (Competing truck) Avenger World Finals 20 (Pit Party truck) Avenger 2019 Indianapolis Racing Avenger 2019 Indianapolis Freestyle Credits: Me Fern P3ForLife Kozak Camila SM Deli, Kyle, P3forlife (testing)
  11. 2,233 downloads

    The first Grave Digger i ever saw live back in December 2016, one of my favourite Grave Diggers Credits Me Fern Andrew Kozak Frank Blaise SM Thanks to Kyle and Deli for testing.
  12. 924 downloads

    Yeah, another Grave Digger, don't kill me Credits: Me Fern Andrew Kozak Frank Blaise SM Thanks to Kyle and Deli for testing.
  13. 2,449 downloads

    I did this truck back in December 2018, wanted to keep this private mainly because there wasn't enough differences with the one already on the site, but i ended up deciding to upload it anyways Credits: Klayton Me Blaise Fern Andrew Kozak Frank SM Thanks to Kyle and Deli for testing.
  14. Dropping this week Avenger pic credit to Kyle Oh no its more Grave Digger pls dont kill me Wanted to keep the SUD's private since there is not much change between these and the ones on the site but i had to free some disk space so i ended up deciding to upload them My pc can't handle more than 5 trucks spawned at once so i had to make those edits in order to get every truck in one pic
  15. That is being worked and almost done, i just need to find a free day to fix minor issues related with specs and then take the minis, but other than that its done. You can expect it being released this month
  16. 857 downloads

    Happy 4th of july! I wanted to do one of these last year but i wasn't able to since i didn't have time, but this year i was able. Ole Glory its not the greatest looking mainly because it was one of my earliest paints (from 2017) and i didn't want to change it that much. Credits Me Fern Andrew Blaise Many people from SM that i can't remember (mainly because i'm writing this very late in the night, but ill update the credits once i remember) Credits to Kyle and Vincent for the names on the trucks Also, i know the ford badge texture is missing in one of the trucks, ill fix that and update the zip later in the day.
  17. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ edit: this has been pending approval for a while, can someone approve it please?
    I love the crush cars on the track, good track
  18. I got most of these in the works, Fire megalodon and Avenger 2019 are near done, just waiting on a few things before i release.
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