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7 minutes ago, Joey B. said:

I've been watching NASCAR since 2011. Screw off.

Cool story bro, I've been watching since 2003.

Why should Ricky have to help people who aren't his teammates? it's a race for a reason.

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16 hours ago, Joey B. said:

Is this still alive? Hasn't been active since the 10th.

Soooo....Stenhouse Jr. wins the Coke Zero 400. I'm going to go into a little complaint so try not to murder me for this >.>

I've lost all respect for Stenhouse as a driver. I was happy for him after his Talladega win, but after tonight, I hate him. You may ask, why?


If you know me, my favorite driver is Kasey Kahne. At around 17 or so laps to go, Kahne was leading, and Stenhouse came in with a head of speed and took the lead from him. This is one reason I hate him. But the main reason, he made Kahne go from around first or second to about 20th. It screwed up his entire race. If he didn't do both of those things, Kahne would've had a better shot. Kahne should've gotten the win. Kahne led about 23 laps, got involved in 2 wrecks, and fought his way through the field maybe 2 or 3, maybe 4 times to get to the front. Stenhouse I think did this too, but Kahne was ALL OVER THE DANG FIELD! You probably won't understand why I hate Stenhouse because of this, but that's just me.




Also Kyle Larson turned into an airplane and probably crapped his pants.

As a fellow Kahne fan, don't get your hopes up for a race and you won't get mad at drivers for stupid reasons. I don't like that he got shuffled out either, but that's restrictor plate racing. We'll go back to running solid 20th-25th again next week.

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