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I don't stalk Matt, I just know his name, current living residence, aswell as his previous two, his family, anime pillow collection and his blood type...

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1 hour ago, HAXRANDMODDER said:

You guys just salty you couldnt fix his poo or what?

Interest in it was lost a long ass time ago. BeamNG is a really odd game to work with, given that the setup of it is completely different from what we have here. 

I do find it rather funny that you're acting like you're Matt's best friend when he has literally never spoken to you.

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We never said that. We are giving you a hard time because it sounds like youre trying to use his name to make you look popular. Matt (SealedGecko), probably doesnt even remember you lol. 


On topic: BeamNG has had some major improvements. I have been messing around with some Offroad content and it has become far more better from when that MT was made. I will be looking into Jbeams this weekend. If any of you are interested, i HIGHLY suggest using this tutorial. Its a great how-to and very descriptive. 


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