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Saigon Shaker

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Well here's the 1st of many uploads Andrew and I will be doing, we have been working on some trucks, and well this was the first to be done.

Hope you guys like it! ^_^


Skin, UV Mapping, 4 Links - Me

Body - Andrew Sheets

Prop placement, help - Daniel Donnelly

Axle, Knuckle and Split Shield - Crazy

Tires - Klayton

Rims, Swaybars & Hotfoot - Johan

Driveshaft Rotation - Wambo..?

Seat- Crazy

Any other props - Whoever made them

If i forgot anyone please let me know


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Didn't the truck have Ukraine Tires?

Nope, just Goodyears. When they are uncut they can look very similar to Ukraine tires.

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I may be in the minority, but in game none of the driveline is showing up (just the driveshaft loops, nothing in them, though) , and the roof/cloth aspect is showing up as just white with no textures.

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The truck looks awesome. I downloaded it, but I couldn't get it to work. I kept getting an error message. I have the Version 3 and Version 4 Fixed packs installed, as well as the Version 4 Leafer pack, which all work (I normally have to load a V4 truck before playing any of the other ones), but with Saigon Shaker won't load on any track. Any ideas?

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I just tried this and I just get an error and it doesn't load. Anyone know why? i saw this truck live a few weeks back and loved it ever sense. I really wanna get this one working so if anyone can help thanks c:

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