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It's Spiderman 2014, nothing else to say.

Construction - Me

Shocks - Davy? I don't really know

Tires - Matt Wilkinson

Body - I don't know, it was in my packs folder so I used it.

Chassis - Kozak

Sway Bars - V4 Pack Makers

Rims - Johan, coloring - me

Rest of truck - V4 Pack Makers

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hmm mine crashes saying it cant locate fire_ext.mesh. Maybe because im on 38. but im not evening finding that Mesh anywhere in my files.

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only issue i'm having is, when i try to load it in game, it crashes. I'm not talking about the "fire_ext.mesh" crash,(i already fixed that)......it just just says "rigs of rods has stopped working".........how do i fix that?

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okay nevermind. i fixed the game crashing. just had to add the UKtire materials into the truck zip  :)

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Why do you have a V4 axhaust on it? And why are the gauges in the middle of the roosterpit? :P

Other then that, nice job!

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