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Monster Mutts 2015

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Life so Ruff.


Me- Paints

Chassis & Headers- Kozak

Body, Ears, Tails, & Tongue- Harlooowww

Prop Placement & Driver Paints- Hagan

Engine- SealedGecko

Batteries, Tires, & Shocks- RockCrwlr

Rims- Johan

if you feel i forgot you, please tell me so i can add you. gracias.



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This is a day that will live in infamy: something Harlow made actually got released.


Brown Mutt looks great, but I haven't been able to get Dalmatian to spawn. It says it's missing RedSwaybar.mesh. It's not in the zip, but there are a bunch of garbage files with no extension in the zip. Did that happen to anyone else, or is it just me?


EDIT- Just to clarify, I have all my monster truck stuff in one folder in Vehicles. I've searched that folder and it doesn't have RedSwaybar.mesh in it; the only thing that comes up is Dalmatian's truck file, because it has that filename in it.

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UtahGuy123, that's a rather simple thing. Just download the LOCrusader2015.zip and extract that red swaybar mesh, material, and texture from that into your smv4 folder. Then you'll be set. Also, I never had a chance to say how good these are Fern! Keep up the amazing work!

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im haveing trouble useing them in 0.39.3 and i can get most trucks that dont work in 39.3 to work but these two truck are confusing me a little srry if i mis spell things 

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