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Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update 1.0.2

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About This File

Completely Stand-Alone


  • Adjusted Torque Curve
    • Top speed lowered, power curve changed.
  • Adjusted Grip
    • Front tires have more grip, rear tires unchanged.
  • Adjusted Tire Stiffness
    • The tires themselves are stiffer and act less like a second set of shocks for the truck.
  • Adjusted Center Of Gravity
    • Generally lowered CG on all the trucks, not the same between trucks due to shock settings, sway bars, etc.
  • Adjusted Brake Strength
    • Down from 32000 to 22000.
  • Original Shock Settings
    • Each truck has custom made shock settings to roughly replicate how the truck acts and handles in real life.
  • Edited Node-Beam
    • Each chassis type has an edited base N/B that fits that chassis. 

Trucks Included

  • Titan
  • Heavy Hitter
  • River Rat
  • Blue Thunder
  • Grave Digger The Legend
  • Son Uva Digger
  • Maximum Destruction
  • Grave Digger 20
  • Grave Digger 28
  • Grave Digger 30

Each truck is only a body, chassis, axles+components, knuckles, rims and tires for testing purposes.

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog



  • Removed GraveDiggerRedFlare from each truck.
  • Added Grave Digger Band to the zip.


  • Lowered the brake strength
    • From 32000 down to 22000
  • Raised the Center Of Gravity on Son Uva Digger
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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Downloaded the .zip again, made sure the file was in the .zip but I'm still getting the same error message.

OGRE EXCEPTIONS(5:ItemIdentityException): Could not find material GraveDiggerredflare in BillbaordSet::setMaterialName then it goes on to give the file location but I can't find that location on my computer.

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I am going to go in and remove the flares from every truck. Will have an update in a few.

Edited by Mark Colineri
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Ok so I downloaded the update and with 1.01 and none of the physics trucks even show up in my loader.. Idk If im doing something wrong or..??

Edited by NitroMenace
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It's probably because you tried adding the update without removing the old version. Remove the entire thing, clear and regen, then add it back in.

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With v4 pack all the trucks in the physics update work. Without v4 pack only river rat and heavy hitter work. Also the trucks go 60+ in first gear is that intentional? The trucks handle more realistically, but the speed seems a little fast.

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Are you saying 60 miles per hour or 60 kilometers per hour? When you press T, the first number displayed is in KMH, the one in parenthesis is MPH.

Edited by Mark Colineri
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Ok I cant win.. I took out the original pack,cleared/regened and put the new one in.. And now everytime I play it just crashes RoR and says its stopped working.. 

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I like the idea, but there are plenty of problems left. Like everyone else has said, the trucks go 60 mph in 1st and almost 100 in 2nd. There are also a lot of missing parts: Shocks, Engines, Transmissions, Seats to name a few. Otherwise I like it

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The trucks don't go that fast, I have no idea why that is a problem for some people. They are also meant to not have any other components than what is already there because they are strictly for testing, as I stated in the release.

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For me they work fine, i just wish that they had automatic trans...


Other wise good job Mark!

If your taking critizum, I think the tires need less grip and that pretty much it!

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umm just to let you know ive got 70mph in first gear and 110 in 2nd mph. 

i like it this way but i figured youd like to know

im on .38.67 so yep couldnt speak to the shocks or anything but they seem different idk better or worse just different so far kool pack tho

ummmmmm need some of the brakes back though. i can hardly stop with the different shocks we need the brakes back.

Edited by sonovadigger03
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These trucks were not designed for anything later that 37, so any experience you have with them will be completely wrong from what it should be. The trucks should not be going anywhere near those speeds, and completely removes every aspect I worked to incorporate.

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im sorry but i dont like the settings the trucks are too slow for my taste they are harder to save especially if its on the sidewalls and it really needs the automatic shift cuse its really hard to do anything really good or spectacular in just first trucks just really seem slugish its just really not something for me if this becomes mandatory in leagues then idk its good dont get me wrong just needs a lot of work in my eyes not trying to seem mean mark its just not my type of thing im more of a flat out mash it and dont let up get crazy and just tear i up kinda guy on here and this pack just dosn meet that for me maybe after some time ill get used to it but not right now

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