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Madusa 2015 & Madusa WFXVI 1.0.0

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Same exact trucks as the first file, but re-uploading due to site problems. old one will hopefully be taken down soon. Enjoy!



Body - Harlow

Paint, Shocks, Sponsor, Panel, and Prop Placement - Me

Chassis & Headers - Kozak

Flag- Gabe

Engine - Wambo

Rim, Tires, & Batteries - Klayton

The rest - Content Creators (Thank you)

If you wish to be on the credits, let me know..... Gracias :)

NOTE: Some or all, truck file props may not show up in .38.

(If need be, take out truck file, start game, exit, then put truck file back in, start ROR)

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Yet another amazing pack of trucks from you. Keep up the fine work. (Also, just like the previous, these too do work in .38, but as you stated, a few props do not show up. I'm wondering if it has to do with anything regarding exporting the mesh or something.)

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Arguably your best creation since the Monster Mutts. Do you plan on making any of the 2016 trucks (SF Black Ops, Junkyard Dog, etc.)?

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if you have .38 it wont work even if you do the trick above, however, the trucks look great!!

Edited by monster jam fanatic
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I made time fly i just never released it.

Oh dude I've been wanting a Time Flys for so long haha V4 Version wore out on me.

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