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Assassin Monster Truck v1.1 1.0.0

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About This File

Standalone pack! Compatible with both .37 and .4.5
(Though if you want to be a rebel and drop it into your v4 folder you can do that as well, cant guarantee it wont overwrite something though) 

V1 of this truck has a ton a little work done on it. This is NOT a race legal truck in any fashion, dont even try it. 

Beta testers- Mark/Johan
Models- Sheets/Johan/Kozak/Crazy/grabcad/DanDon/Myself
Textures- Myself/Fern/v4 pack


Added several new versions of the truck in varying formats.
New engine settings: These are not perfect, its hard to find a setup that works perfectly for every similar type of track. For example some stadiums are larger than others thus in the real world you would use different gearing in the truck. Thus I cant promise these setups will be guaranteed perfect for every track. 

How did I determine the gearing?
Since speed data apart from vegas is not publicly available I loaded up RoR tracks and compared racing times from the real trucks to the in game trucks. In these instances I drove a similar driving line as to what I saw in the video. In most cases the in game trucks were a tick faster than the real counterparts when running similar lines. However this is where a minor issue lies. In the real trucks they deal with actually surfaces, sand, clay, ruts etc. Thus they can very rarely take a perfect optimal line every time, or ever get optimal grip especially late in the brackets because of the track conditions. Thus you'd probably find you can run much quicker than real times if you drive a perfect line on the standard "grass" terrain grip level we run on. 

1st gear is a "crawler" gear.... it'll get the truck moving but you're going to want to run both versions in "high" gear (2nd)

Small Arena version
Slight suspension and gearing tweaks made around the few MMJ style tracks we currently have available(Hampton).  Again used the same method as above, realistic driving lines and matched the real world times. 

Overall changes in this Version:
Added new Normal, Quali, Hoodless, and Wrecked versions in varying gear setups
New gearing
Updated suspension
Compatibility with .4.5

There are errors with this truck, I'm not perfect and no amount of beta testers will ever find all the issues. Post or contact me with issues so I can correct them as I move forward. Suggestions for changes can also be made. However keep in mind this truck is supposed to be more like a real truck's handling, it was also developed for wheel/pedal drivers, mainly pedal drivers with load cells so brakes may or may not be to your liking. Either way let me know so I can gauge what I should do for the next update! 


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I'm definitely liking the progression of this truck so far Stephen. It's rather fun to drive around with and it does fairly well with pulling off massive jumps. Keep up the great work!

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Stephen Hopkins

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@Garrett Hanson "I drove a similar driving line as to what I saw in the video. In most cases the in game trucks were a tick faster than the real counterparts when running similar lines." Thats how speed were set. Until I can get more reliable information thats all I can do is base running laps in game to laps ran in real life. 

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Garrett Hanson

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truck is not very fast for one thing. needs to be faster.

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Great Truck! Love everything about it...handles awesome.  Looking forward to more trucks from you

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