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Blacksmith (Old) 1.0.0

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  • Blacksmith was Pablo Huffaker's first truck that he owned himself.
  • He debuted it in 2001 and was invited to the World Finals 2.
  • During his race against Blue Thunder, he flipped into the protectors and could not advance, nor participate in Freestyle. He freestyled in Ragin' Steel in an unscored run.
  • He debuted a new paint in 2002, with the current Blacksmith logo on the side, without sparks.
  • In 2002, the Maximum Destruction game featured Blacksmith with an unused body design.
  • Blacksmith repeatedly made it to every World Finals but did not take home a win.
  • In 2004, Pablo debuted the famous spark paint that ran until the truck's retirement in 2007.
  • Blacksmith ran the 2007 season with Aaron Basl behind the wheel.
  • Blacksmith was retired after that season, but the chassis and body still ran as Captain's Curse.
  • Captain's Curse was introduced in 2007 at the World Finals 8, and took home the Freestyle World Championship.
  • A similar crash to the one in World Finals 2 happened in World Finals 10, when Captain's Curse flipped into the stands in his race against Maximum Destruction. It was censored on Speed, but was leaked on YouTube shortly after. The censorship was due to controversy over a monster truck accident that injured 4 people. In this accident, no one was injured, but the truck landed only 10 feet from a camera operator.

Download the updated version for me pls. This thing is trash. The link will be approved soon.

Place in the V4 pack for it to work.


  • rockgod88 - Shocks, driveshaft
  • RockCrwlr - Tires
  • Me - Assembly, chassis editing, prop moving
  • Outlawed - Chassis, props 
  • SealedGecko - Engine
  • People on SYP - Help and support
  • V4 pack makers - everything else

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10 hours ago, billothepillow said:

truck won't spawn in...

You need to put it in the v4 pack for it to work.

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1 hour ago, billothepillow said:

still doesn't work XD

Try redownloading. Check the log. I need you to be more specific on what doesn't work. Everyone else is saying otherwise.

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When I try to spawn the truck in, the game simply stops working, I have four friends to back up my statement on this.

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20 minutes ago, billothepillow said:

When I try to spawn the truck in, the game simply stops working, I have four friends to back up my statement on this.

Unless they downloaded the truck also, then it's just you. I don't know what else to say as I do not have a problem with it nor does anyone else who downloaded it, or else they would've commented so.

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2 minutes ago, billothepillow said:

Is it because it won't work on .38?

If you're running 0.38, that may be the problem. The truck was built in 0.4, but should be fit to run in all types of RoR as long as you have the v4 pack with all of it's components. I have no idea why your game would crash over this...

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