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Grave Digger 30 REVAMED v2.2

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About This File

YES, The Chrome Digger is back and better than ever! With new props and a new NB/setup!



-Glowy headlights

-Fully Detailed interior

-Great handling

-Better looks


3 versions:

-4 Time Champion


-Black Custom



Blaise: Making everything, Truck making, Prop editing, Testing, other stuff

Mark: New NB, and setup

Fernando: Help with paint

Nick K: Original chassis

SM: Various parts

What's New in Version v2.2   See changelog


New Link again.


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8 hours ago, McMonsterJam said:

When I downloaded it, I didn't need to extract anything.

That's weird, I downloaded it and nothing show up on the offroad trucks section...

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Another good looking truck; the body looks dull and gray to me though. Is that caused by it not having a spec map? Anyway just thought I'd point it out


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Sorry for spamming your comments, but the axles are semi-transparent. In the pics they are opaque. I took the files out of the extract folder, put them in the main, and added them to a zip.



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The Body doesn't look like your old GD 30. It's a dull grey not a chrome body. Is this meant for 0.37 or is it made like that? And if it's meant for 0.37, can you please fix it for newer versions

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