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Syracuse Carrier Dome Custom 2020 1.0.1

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After maybe like 2 years of not posting any tracks, here is another one that I put together. Some of my favorite Monster Jam shows are ones such as Vancouver 2007 and 2008. What made shows like those ones more unique than the others is that they were stadium events that used concrete floors and crush cars, vans, and buses instead of dirt. So I had a vision to create a more modern/fantasy version of what it could've become. So if you love beautiful car destruction, then this track should fill those needs, lol.

I do realize the finish line is pretty close to the wall, so if you want (this is optional if you plan on doing a fun run on this track), you can add in a 5 second penalty if you tap the wall at the end. Not only could it be a test of speed, but also a good test of control of your truck at the finish line (since sending it too fast off the final ramp will ram you into the wall). Idk how else to put it, you can take my suggestion or don't, idc.

Also thanks to @maxdman for letting me use his RV model for my tracks. The rest of the vehicles on this track are from the Testmobile pack that @DannyMackey uploaded: 


What's New in Version 1.0.1


Fixed vehicle transparency issue with the new ROR update

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Chris B

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Backflip ramp is amazing

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Layout is really unique and I love the fantasy take of a concrete floor dome. Stadium looks good. Otherwise, I gotta admit, I am a little disappointed. The description promised car crushing and destruction and none of them are actually crushable. Furthermore, the really nice looking RV has no collision on it so trucks just pass right on through. Lastly... there is no timer on the racing track.

Response from the author:

First off, real "crushable" obstacles haven't really been used in many years. Not saying they're outdated or anything, but these cars are not crushable, and look better than the actual crushable obstacles. Honestly if the testmobiles were indeed crushable, they would grab your truck like crazy and won't let go.

As for the RV, take a really close look at it. There is actually furniture and other stuff going on in that RV. Of course I'm using a non-collidable mesh for that. Not to mention the outside faces could potentially grab. And even if I were to crush the outside of the RV, it really wouldn't get the "realism" of going through the RV. There is a separate collidable mesh at the RV's to try and get a more realistic "illusion" of going through the RV.

Finally, not every track needs a timer... Very few content creators on SM actually use timers. Some of the higher ups such as Aaron and Chris are using them and are starting to become more frequent, but they still are a "new" feature. This isn't me being lazy or anything, but it's just a track to have fun on. If it was a league track for instance, then a timer would be a good idea to have, but again, not every single track that is uploaded from now on "needs" to have a timer as a requirement for their tracks.

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