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Late 2000'S Monster Jam Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

Here is some late 2000's, tracks that I worked on through out last year.

This pack include

San Diego 2009 (Remake)

Miami 2009

Denver 2009

Arlington 2010

https://www.mediafire.com/file/mn34s87m8uq09j2/DallasCamper2010.odef/file If you want the camper Hittable


Jackson Morris  (track paint)

3D WareHouse staff (Jack Murphy Model)

svr2009/ViperDesigns (Land Shark Model)

and the Sim Monster creators for the Jerry world and Pepsi center models

(sorry for no proper credits)

Lastly hope you guys enjoy the tracks!!! P.s, I known that my prior track recorded was not good and I could agree looking back at previous projects but I hope these tracks are able to give a little hope for the future.

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Overall, these tracks are really good, although there are some things that I noticed on some of the tracks.

San Diego 2009: The center mound is a bit too tall, and the "launch ramp" is not supposed to be taller than the entire mound. Also for the down ramp, I feel the bottom half of that ramp is pretty steep and could be leveled out more towards the ground and extended in length a bit.

Miami 2009: I would lower the height of the racing lanes, I know they are not exactly on ground level, but they're not that high off the ground. A lot of the freestyle ramps are pretty steep (except for the FMX ramp, which was kinda steep irl, so it's fine). And the blue racing lane's paint is just not correct, with the red one being slightly off (This is the best pic of the whole track I could find: https://i.lensdump.com/i/0fU3Aa.png). I feel a few more reference pics that covers all angles of the track can help.

Arlington 2010: Again I feel the racing lanes are a little bit too tall. Also the wheels on the RV model look very stretched out vertically and/or squished horizontally. If you scale the RV model, try to keep the wheels circular, otherwise the wheels will just look like ovals and looks weird.

Again, these tracks are really good, just some stuff to consider when making future tracks.

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Very nice job on these tracks Amari. A few things to improve on but thats what being a content creator entails, improving with each new addition. Glad to have helped on some projects too :)

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