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Destroyer LF4 1.3.2

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About This File

This truck was designed as a stand-alone addition to the LF4 Leafer Pack.

Destroyer was a series of Freightliner monster trucks owned and ran by Mike Welch. The truck had no suspension at all and relied on its tires to absorb impact. It debuted in 1986 and was rather dangerous to drive. After movie producers saw Mike performing this truck at a show, they gave him a deal to build two new trucks for the movie Rolling Vengeance. Destroyer was cut up in 2008, when Mike cleaned up his property and scrap metal prices were high.

The Trucks

Includes 3 variants with 2 different driving settings for each.

Destroyer 1

Destroyer II

Martin's Feed

Classic Settings

Classic settings were designed to feel how driving Destroyer would really feel like. Its a big heavy machine with unwieldy proportions. It drives really rough with its short wheelbase and no suspension. Destroyer1 weighs the most of the three since it was largely a show truck with lots of decorative pieces and working lights. Destroyer 2 had some weight savings and thus is a bit lighter. Martin's feed went even farther with the weight savings and is the lightest of the 3 variants.

League Settings

For competitive leagues. These settings set Destroyer to the LF4 standard so it can be competitive. All 3 variants have the same weight as the trucks in the LF4 pack and also have the engine turbo enabled. This makes Destroyer significantly faster but may still be difficult to drive with its unusual weight distribution, wheelbase and lack of suspension.


  • Equipped with rear steer.
  • Press "W" to change Differential options.
  • Destroyer 1 and II have working headlights. To turn the headlights on/off, press "N".
  • Destroyer 1 has working roof lights. To turn on press "CTRL+1".
  • Destroyer 1 has working ground lights. To turn on press "CTRL+2"
  • A hitch node is included in the node-beam, so that it can be used with the pulling sled. The hitch node is located on the the back of the frame (node 56). To use with a pulling sled, use the mouse to drag the chain on the pulling sled to the hitch node (press "K" to show the nodes if needed), then press "L" to lock the chain to the hitch. When finished, press "L" again to unlock the hitch.

Beta Testers

Huge thanks to the Beta testers in the Retro Monsters Discord!

Build Credits


If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update.

If you like the truck or have issues, please leave a review or a comment below!

Thanks and enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.3.2


-Added Sounds for League Martins

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